Rising Star Outreach

Worthy of our support!


In January 2006, I took a three-week trip around the world, visiting places as diverse as Thailand, Turkey, and Iceland, but my main focus for that trip was experiencing India for the first time.

While attending church one Sunday morning in a nondescript building in Chennai (formerly known as Madras), I noted the beautiful faces of a couple dozen young children in the front rows, and I wondered just who they were.

Well, after the services I spoke with Becky Davis, the founder of Rising Star Outreach, and she explained to me that these children were some of the kids who attended RSO's boarding school. They were from leprosy colonies out in the countryside, where the fate of most children was to be uneducated, to beg for a living, and to never have hope in a country where many people treat people affected with leprosy and their children with disdain.

Instead of this fate, hundreds of children are now being offered a bilingual education with training in computer skills, instilled with good culture, given excellent nutrition and health care, and are being filled with love and a sense of their value as children of God and the great potential of their lives. They will be able to have good careers in the India of the future and will be treated with respect and admiration by their neighbors.

These children have new hope shining in their eyes and love in their hearts that is being nourished by the wonderful people of Rising Star Outreach.

And that is to say nothing about the related programs that are tending to the health needs of the other residents of those leprosy colonies and offering micro-loans to people to help them start and grow their own little businesses. The life-changing stories are truly wonderful.

My brief experience of spending an afternoon with those incredible little souls filled with optimism filled me with a great desire to help, and so every tour package sold by Sage Guide Tours will result in a donation to further the worthy work of Rising Star Outreach.

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