Sage Guide Tours

Death Valley
and Rhyolite ghost town
and Redrock Scenic Loop
(11 hours)

Note that all pre-planned itineraries
can be slightly modified at no extra cost
or can be fully customized for a small fee.

This day-long excursion makes it possible to circle around to all of the major sights of Death Valley (including the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Furnace Creek, Badwater Basin, the Artist's Drive, Zabriskie Point, and the amazing scene from Dante's View) plus the possibility of seeing the ruins of the old mining town of Rhyolite and to drive the Redrock Scenic Loop just outside of Las Vegas before sunset.

Note: In the winter, we may have to leave very early in the morning in order to see everything before the sun sets around 4:30 pm PST. Or you may choose to forego Redrock and/or Rhyolite in order to have enough time in Death Valley National Park.

Note: This tour can operate in any season of the year. Sometimes flooding could affect roads (especially near Badwater and between the park and Pahrump) in the spring, and when the temperature is well above 100 degrees in the summer, we must use sun protection and we won't be doing any extended hiking. This is for your safety and enjoyment.

And your guide will share other special places and background information along the way, helping you to enjoy each location to the max.


Day 1 (395 miles -- 7.5 hours driving)
Leave Las Vegas
Drive past Mt. Charleston and near the Nevada Test Site
Rhyolite ghost town
Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes
Famous thermometer at the Furnace Creek Visitors Center
Badwater Basin (the lowest spot in the continental United States)
Artist's Drive
Zabriskie Point
Dante's View
Mountain Pass in the Spring Mountains
Redrock Scenic Loop
Return to Las Vegas

This full tour costs $825 and takes about 11 hours.
If you eliminate Rhyolite from this plan, the $820 tour is a total of 10.5 hours.
If you eliminate Redrock from this plan, the $810 tour is a total of 10 hours.
If you only visit Death Valley, the $805 tour is a total of 9.5 hours minimum.
If you want a more relaxed 2-day tour with more opportunities for exploring and
1 night of lodging, that can also be arranged.

General route:

Note: A detailed plan as well as lodging options will be provided after we discuss your desires and preferences.

Possible extensions:

  • Yosemite and San Francisco
  • The Sierra Nevada, Lake Tahoe, and Reno
  • The Pacific Coast Highway
  • Los Angeles and San Diego

Note: Your tour will never cost more than this, unless you add things that add to the cost. But you could pay less. When you express interest in a particular tour, the costs will be re-calculated with current prices based on the number of tour participants, the type of vehicle needed, etc. If the actual needed costs add up to less than this estimated amount, you will pay the lower amount.

$825 Tour cost for 11 hours for up to 5 guests in a sedan or minivan (2-3 guests would be less)
This includes tour planning and arrangements, driver/guide services, transportation and fuel and insurance, snacks and drinks, park entrance fees, and administrative costs.

Additional costs
Lunch (including for the guide)
Personal needs and desires

Listed price is for departure from Las Vegas.
Departures possible anywhere in the West for a higher cost.
All tours are private for your group only.

Your first step is to contact Steve at to discuss your possible dates and any desires for modification or customization. The sooner we can begin planning, the better your experience can be.

All Sage Guide Tours benefit
the children of Rising Star Outreach
and their families from the leper colonies of India.

More information here about this wonderful organization!


Feel free to e-mail us with your needs, wants, suggestions, and questions:



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