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Suggested seasons:
Early Summer (good weather and fewer crowds)
Fall (reasonable temperatures and fewer crowds)
December (Christmas markets)
Winter (low prices and no crowds)


Our custom small-group tour of Europe will be a grand experience and can include places from Scotland to Italy, divided into two parts so that participants can enjoy one or the other or both parts.

Each half of the trip could last about two weeks, with a two-week tour perhaps costing between $2,300 and $2,700 (about $190 per day) and the entire four-week tour costing around $4,900 per person (including lodging, intercity ground transportation, many activities, and a few meals). Exact costs are calculated for each group, based on the number in the group and the destinations chosen.
Click here for information about pricing, discounts, deadlines, and policies.

The final itinerary will be based on the particular desires and needs of those people who express an interest early in the planning process, and flexibility and money-saving options will be built in to the tours. The photos on the left depict some of the likely experiences and possible destinations.

Click here for a list of potential European destinations with links to maps, descriptions of tourist attractions, and photos. (Note that this list is not yet complete, but more is being added every few days.)


Note: We are still accepting suggestions for alternatives for this itinerary. Your input can make a difference in the ultimate experience!

We can fly to either Edinburgh or Glasgow, so we will be close to the locations at the beginning of our tour, will save money, and that would avoid the congestion and delays of airports in the London area.
We'll travel in rented vehicles for the most part, allowing us to reach more destinations more easily.
In cities like London and Paris and Berlin, we will get to know local public transportation systems, including "the Tube."
We'll leave our British rental vehicles at the port of Dover and will cross the English Channel on a fun two-hour ferry.
We'll use continental rental vehicles for the rest of the tour, returning them in Belgium, for example, to save money.
We'll have opportunities for a gondola ride in Venice and some unique transportation options in the Swiss Alps.
We can fly home from Brussels or Paris or London or Madrid or Rome or any other convenient airport.

PART 1 (Scotland, Wales, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany)

Thursday-Friday: Overnight translatlantic flight and acquaintance with Edinburgh, Scotland
Saturday: Northeast Scottish coast, Inverness, and the Highlands
Sunday: Opportunity for a church visit, and then a scenic drive back to the Glasgow area
Monday: Hadrian's Wall, the Viking capital of York, Whitby Castle, and on to Lancashire in England
Tuesday: Via Preston and Gloucester to the Welsh coast
Wednesday: Via Salisbury Cathedral and Windsor Castle to London (Laylat al-Qadr in August)
Thursday: London's many fascinating attractions
Friday: Excursions from London
Saturday: Via Canterbury, Dover, and Bruges to quaint Middelburg, in the Netherlands
Sunday: Opportunity for a church visit and then on via the coastal islands to Amsterdam
Monday: Cologne, Wuppertal, and Münster, all in Germany
Tuesday: Via Hameln and Hildesheim to Berlin
Wednesday: Fascinating Berlin sights
Thursday: Flight home from Berlin for the two-week participants in Group 1

PART 2 (Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France, Luxembourg, and Belgium)

Tuesday-Wednesday: Overnight transatlantic flight and initial visit to Berlin, Germany
Thursday: Fascinating Berlin sights
Friday: Via Luther's Wittenberg to Leipzig and Dresden, overnighting in a small Saxon town
Saturday: Visit in beautiful Prague in the Czech Republic, overnighting in a small Czech town
Sunday: Opportunity for a church visit, then on via Regensburg and Dachau to Salzburg, Austria (Isra and Mi'raj in June)
Monday: Past Heaven and over the Austrian Alps to Venice, Italy, overnighting in Padova
Tuesday: To the impressive sights of Milan and through the Ticino Region to Valais in Switzerland
Note: It's possible for Group 1 participants to extend their trip and fly home from Milan.
Wednesday: After seeing the Matterhorn and Aletsch Glacier, on via Lausanne to Lauterbrunnen in the Bernese Alps
Thursday: Interlaken, Lucerne, the Zurich Highlands, and Liechtenstein
Friday: Typical Thurgau villages and towns like St. Gallen, Amriswil, Kreuzlingen, and Müllheim,
then on to Zurich
Note: It's possible for Group 1 participants to extend their trip and fly home from Zurich.
Saturday: Bern and nearby villages, Colmar in France, and Freiburg in Germany
Sunday: Opportunity for a church visit with an afternoon excursion into the Black Forest
Monday: Along the Rhine River to Strasbourg in France and Karlsruhe and Heidelberg in Germany
Tuesday: Sights in Worms, Mainz, and Rüdesheim, then down the Moselle to Trier and Luxembourg
Wednesday: Visit in Aachen, Germany, then on to Antwerp, Belgium
Thursday: Visit in Brussels, and then overnight in historic Oudenaarde, Belgium
Friday: Flight home from Brussels (or perhaps Paris or London)

Optional extension: To the WWII beaches of Normandy, Mont St-Michel, Rouen, and Paris, or on to fascinating sights in Spain

Note: A very detailed itinerary with daily plans will be made available to those who are seriously contemplating joining us and who may have ideas for making it an even better trip.

MAPS (still partially under construction)
Map of the general route through the United Kingdom
General map of the overall continental Europe tour route
More specific map of the route from Dover, England to Venice, Italy
More specific map of the route from Venice, Italy to Brussels, Belgium
Close-up map of the route through Switzerland
Map of the optional extension to Normandy and Paris in France

If you might seriously be interested in joining us on one of these tours in the coming months (either in the Winter or in the early Summer or on custom dates), do get in touch soon. No commitment is needed until the trip dates approach, but you can actually have your particular desires considered as the final details are worked out.

Note that there will be a limit of about 6 passengers on each tour unless participants can provide volunteer drivers. We want to keep the group size friendly and personable for the best possible experience.

To express potential interest, to make suggestions, or to ask questions, write to:

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