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What people are saying about Steve

Very pleased to have a modified tour based on my needs. We did just enough hiking. It was glorious to enjoy the views while Steve did all the driving. We went many places off the beaten path, and Steve took me places it would have taken me days to find. And no stress whatever! I wish I would have known about your company years ago. I would have been able to see so much more! Thank you Steve.
---Judy from Ohio

Have been reminiscing of late about our trip... had such fun with Steve at all the amazing sights. Still can't believe I ticked so many of my 'bucket list' items off.
---Simon from Australia

Steve arranged the itinerary so we could get the most out of our transfer from Las Vegas to San Francisco. What a trip, desert one day in Death Valley, snow the next in Yosemite! Steve took us to sites we would have missed on our own and packed a lot into two days. Steve is a charming guide, very thoughtful and knowledgeable about the area. Definitely a trip of a lifetime, it was a vacation in itself. Can't praise this enough, thanks Steve, it was truly memorable. I think we will be back!
---George & friends from England

We thoroughly enjoyed beautiful Bryce Canyon and all the information you shared with us! Thank you so much for a wonderful day. Best wishes from the Kiwi Express.
---Kate & the choir from New Zealand and Australia

We had a great outing. Steve was knowledgeable and considerate. The terrain was like nothing we had ever seen and a perfect conclusion to a Las Vegas trip. Thank you, Steve.
---Lauranne & friends from Florida

Conscientious, polite, full of knowledge, helpful. Very professional. Native of the area, so knows a lot of details.

Thank you ever so much for making our trip a very memorable experience. Your thorough planning and knowledge have inspired me. I now know what the real West is. God bless you and your business.

BTW, thanks for sending the sweater. We got all our pictures developed, and they are really good.

Thanks again for your good guiding. We really enjoyed the beautiful scenery! Do keep in touch, and come visit us!
---Mac & Sherry from North Carolina

Steve knew all of history of the area. He adjusted the tour to meet our needs. Very accommodating.
---Rob from Texas

Steve knew so much information about the places we visited. He shared the physical description of each place and also included historical points. I've learned so much about the area's history and culture. He took me around to various locations that normal tours would not experience. It was fantastic, and I have no regrets about taking the tour with Steve. I highly recommend him to anybody who wants to explore the American Southwest. By the way, he was very well organised for the trip. Snacks, food, tents...even toilet paper! And the schedule was very well planned.
---Rara from Australia

Steve is a very nice guy with an obvious connection and love for the land. We had a good time and have good memories of the area.
---Trudy from Switzerland

I definitely appreciated Steve's prompt attention and organization in building the tour. I find him to be very professional and friendly.
All the best, and thanks again for your hard work.
---Amy from California

I have been on several tours that Steve has organized. I feel they were very interesting, exciting, useful, and economical. He is very thorough in researching the routes and the particulars needed. He has had many experiences in different countries and cultures and understands several languages. He has always been thoughtful in using the tour to benefit each person on it, and he is good at being one-on-one.
---Glen from Nevada

I have known Steve for over 25 years, and in that time we have traded travel stories from all over the world. His knowledge of languages and customs of people in different countries is extensive. He has made life-long friends from around the world, and I think that has helped him to be able to construct fun and informative tours for people. I think they will be well rewarded when traveling with Steve. He has the uncanny ability to look out for all details and to leave nothing to chance. That should instill a lot of comfort in group participants who just want to travel, have a good time, and know that they can relax and that they will be looked after. That is just like me, as a matter of fact.
---Mary from Utah

I have been on several trips with Steve and have always been impressed by his research and details pertaining to the area in which we were traveling. He knew all the things of interest  along the route. He  was aware of all travel accommodations, how long it would take to arrive at certain destinations, and what was available there.
I have always felt I was in good hands when Steve planned our tour, and I would really know about the area when the trip was finished.
---Maureen from Nevada

Since Steve was young, he has always been interested in and has traveled all over the world. He has lived in many places like Hawaii, Japan, Mexico, and Germany. I would trust his opinions when traveling to any country. I personally have traveled with him to many places and would recommend him as a travel consultant. He always knows a lot about the places he visits. He is honest and keeps the people in the countries you will visit honest.
---Martin from Texas

Steve is a great preparer. When you take a trip with Steve, you will know that you are in good hands from start to finish. He is keen on attention to detail and leaves no stone unturned. He not only speaks several languages, but has a pleasant personality that everyone likes. When people get to know Steve, they often become lifelong friends. I would highly recommend Steve as a tour guide.
---Terry from Utah

I'm glad to see Steve doing something he loves with this tour organization. I know how much he loves to travel, and his gift of languages will certainly add much to the experience. And his love for people should shine through.
---Ruth from Utah


Steve has...

  • Traveled completely around the world twice and taken many excursions

  • Lived in Germany (three times), Mexico (twice), Japan (once), Hawai`i (ten years), Alaska (one summer), and Utah's Dixie in the American Southwest (a native descended from pioneers)

  • Traveled in 36 American states (incl. Hawai`i and Alaska), 30 Mexican states, Canada, Guatemala, Cuba, Iceland, Denmark, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Germany (incl. East Germany), the Czech Republic (and Czechoslovakia), Russia (and the USSR), Greece, Turkey, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, China (incl. Hong Kong and Taiwan), Japan, and the Philippines

    Steve's World Travels Map on TravBuddy

  • Speaks English, German, and Spanish fluently

  • Can communicate to some degree in Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Japanese

  • Studied and lived Intercultural Communications

  • Research and communications expert who can find the information and make the arrangements that make exploring this planet more interesting

  • Fully at home in our wonderful world

  • Wants to help you experience amazing things

The goal is to plan a tour that includes the experiences that you would like to have, and those who make contact early in the process will actually be able to influence the final itinerary and activities choices. There will also be options during the trip to customize your tour more.

Each day will be filled with unforgettable activities, and the tours will include both classic destinations as well as unique experiences that help you understand our world and the people who inhabit it better.

And all of this customized, interested, caring service will be offered to you at a price that is less than most group tours to similar destinations.

Whether you can join us this year or not, do get in touch and share your travel goals. Sage Guide Tours can realistically help you realize your dreams! Also offered are travel consulting and arrangements for independent travelers.

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