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Our tours to Mexico travel across the center of Mexico and experience all three major epochs in Mexican culture and history: ancient civilizations, colonial heritage, and modern Mexican life. It will be a two-and-a-half-week tour from Guanajuato and Morelia through high-elevation Mexico City to the tropics of the Yucatán Peninsula and the gorgeous waters of the Caribbean Sea.

This tour could cost less than $1,700 (about $94 per day, which includes lodging, most breakfasts, ground transportation including both intercity buses and rental cars, entrance fees at about a dozen archeological sites with guided tours at some of them, admissions to museums, and a few activities). Those requesting single rooms will pay a supplement. There will be an optional add-on tour of additional amazing sites in Central America or in Cuba.

Click here to view the proposed ITINERARY for our tours in Mexico.

The final itinerary will be based on the particular desires and needs of those people who express an interest early in the planning process, and flexibility and money-saving options will be built in to the tours. The photos on the left depict some of the likely destinations and possible attractions, including:

The picturesque colonial capital with its pastel houses, churches, university, parks, and market
Views from the hills and in the subterranean streets
Statue of Christ, the King on Cubilete Hill
Statue of Pipila above the city near the furnicular railway
Museum of Mexican Independence in the Alhóndiga
Basilica of Our Lady with its statue of the Virgin of Guanajuato
Diego Rivera Museum
Iconographic Museum of the Quijote
Mummy Museum
Ex-Hacienda Casa de los Espíritus Alegres
Church of San Miguel Arcángel with its statue, Christ of the Conquest
Santa Casa de Loreto Chapel
Jesús Nazareno Sanctuary with its frescoes
Historical museum in the house of Miguel de Hidalgo

Colonial Morelia and its aqueduct
Public library in the Church of the Company
Culture House with a collection of statues of Christ
Museum of Colonial Art
Museum of Contemporary Art in Cuauhtémoc Park
Morelia Cathedral
Government Palace with its patio and murals
Unfinished cathedral in Zamora
Pátzcuaro marketplace
The Island of Janitzio and its monument to Morelos
Paricutín Volcano and covered village
Scenic rural mountain highways
San José Purúa tropical valley and its bathing resorts

Mexico City & Surrounding Areas
Cosmopolitan capital with unique neighborhoods
Metropolitan Cathedral and National Palace on the Zócalo with amazing artwork
Templo Mayor and Pino Suárez ruins in the modern city
Monument to the Revolution
Alameda Central Park
View over the city from a skyscraper
Garibaldi, good food, and mariachis
Ballet Folklórico in the Palace of Fine Arts
Mexico City Museum
Paseo de la Reforma with its many monuments
Plaza of the Three Cultures
The two basilicas at Villa de Guadalupe
National Museum of Anthropology
Chapultepec Park and Castle
Monument to the Children Heroes
Coyoacán marketplace
National Museum of Popular Culture
House of Diego Rivera
Frida Kahlo Museum
Villa de Guadalupe with the old and new basilicas
Mexico City Temple and Visitors Center near Aragón Park
Subways, peseros, and other public transportation
Rich and poor neighborhoods
Various specialty markets
Malinalco village and the Cuauhcalli (House of Eagles) on Hill of the Idols
Tepotzotlán archeological site
Tula archeological center
Teotihuacán, where the gods descended to become men

The Land of Eternal Spring
Xochicalco archeological site
Palace of Cortés
Franciscan Ex-Convent complex
Emperor Maximillian residence at Borda Garden
Photo Museum in El Castillito
Amanalco Ravine walkway
House of Morelos in Cuautla
Bathing resorts at old sugarcane haciendas such as Oaxtepec, Temixco, Cocoyoc, and Vista Hermosa
Oaxtepec Convent
Cacahuamilpa Caverns
Tepotzlán marketplace
Tepozteco archeological site on a mesa above Tepotzlán
Fields of corn and nopal (cactus)

Popocatépetl Volcano
Pyramid of Tipanipa in Cholula
Colonial capital
Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception
Museum of the Non-Intervention
Quaint mountain towns

Scenic tropical mountains and beaches
Beautiful towns like Orizaba and Fortín de las Flores among green mountains
Pico de Orizaba, the highest mountain in Mexico
Convent del Carmen
Orizaba Municipal Palace
Bathing resorts such as Ojo de Agua and Rincón de las Doncellas
Unique, hilly feel to the capital
Xalapa Government Palace
Xalapa Cathedral
State Anthropological Museum
House of Handicrafts
Paseo de los Lagos park area
Juárez Park
El Tajín archeological site with its pyramids and flying "voladores"
Pemex drilling sites and oil refineries
Mexico-Cuba Friendship Museum
Tuxpán Archeological Museum
Tecolutla Beach
Chachalacas Sandbar
Old Veracruz Cathedral
San Juan de Ulúa Fort
Museum of the Revolution
Veracruz Temple near the beach in Boca del Río
House of Moctezuma in Zempoala
Enchanted Lagoon
Montejo and La Esmeralda Beaches
Vigía Hill (potential Hill Cumorah site)
Eyipantla Waterfall
Tuxteco Museum
Tres Zapotes archeological site

The Yucatán Peninsula
The lovely cities of Mérida and Valladolid
The oldest cathedral in the Americas
Monument to the Nation
Villahermosa and Mérida Temples
Cupilco Church
Cocona Caves with their underground lake
Miramar bathing resort
Incredible Caribbean beaches like those at Isla Blanca
Deep, mysterious jungle and cenote pools
Amazing archeological sites, including:
La Venta site and museum in Villahermosa
Palenque and nearby Agua Azul Waterfall
Chichén Itzá
Holbox Island
and several other recently discovered sites

Unique handicrafts and artwork
Food specialties and unique treats
Peña and mariachi music, folk dance, street performers, and other cultural displays
Daily life for Latin Americans

I'm excited! This is going to be MY BEST TRIP EVER TO MEXICO!!
And I have lived in Mexico twice and have traveled in Mexico many times, in every state except one.
---Your guide, Steve

Note that these are just likely destinations and activities at this point. A final itinerary will be shared soon, after consultation with those who express interest in the tour.

You can copy these place names into to get more information or into to see photos.

Places to visit in Mexico and Central America

Map of archeological sites in the Yucatán Peninsula


Pyramids and other ruins

Collective taxis


Live mariachi music

Street tacos and drinks and other typical foods

World-class anthropology museums

Beautiful architecture

Traditional church worship

Historical places

Concerts & festivals

Interesting cities & villages

Relaxing in hot springs

Peaceful & beautiful nature

The chaos of Mexican traffic

Daily life in Latin America

The culture of our neighbors to the South

Meeting the Mexicans

If you might seriously be interested in joining us on one of these tours this year (either in the Spring or in the Fall), do get in touch soon. No commitment is needed until the trip dates approach, but you can actually have your particular desires considered as the final details are worked out.

Note that there will be a limit of about 18 passengers on each tour. We want to keep the group size friendly and personable.

To express potential interest, to make suggestions, or to ask questions, write to:

Feel free to e-mail us with your needs, wants, suggestions, and questions:



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