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Pricing Philosophy

Flexibility and Value

We'll keep it simple...and as easy on your well earned savings as possible.
There ain't gonna be no SMALL PRINT here!

Sage Guide Tours is only going to charge the prices needed to cover the costs involved. Of course this is a business, and we have to make a profit in order to continue providing these great tours, but we're not going to charge more than is needed. You'll see that nobody else is offering quality tours like ours for prices like ours.

For example, we're not going to round prices up to some pretty round number, just to arbitrarily make more money from you. If our trip budget shows that we need to charge $2,372 per passenger, then we will charge $2,372...not $2,399 or $2,500!

In the in-depth planning that goes into each day of your tour, we avoid costs that are not necessary. For example, there are many hotels and other lodging in Europe that charge well over $100 per night, but there are many others that are comfortable in the same locations with friendly, helpful hosts that charge much less. We will choose the services that offer value for our money and also leave us with some fond memories.

Note that Sage Guide Tours does not charge a commission on top of the cost of paid activities. We earn our income through our tour organizing and guiding services, not by raising prices on other services we purchase for you.

On every tour, there are some planned activities that some participants would rather not spend their money on. You will have the opportunity to opt out of certain activities, and every euro or peso that you do not spend on those things will be deducted from the price you pay for your tour. Very few tour companies offer this kind of flexibility. As an example, a participant who is afraid of heights will be able to go for a (free) walk on a beautiful Alpine trail while members of the group are experiencing the thrill of riding a cableway to the peak of a Swiss mountain. And if that person should decide, once he is there, that it doesn't look so scary, he can certainly buy his own ticket on the cableway at that point.

In the case of an unexpected closure or a situation where the group spends more time at one attraction and doesn't have enough time for another paid attraction, etc., you will receive a corresponding refund of the money that was not spent. Sage Guide Tours will not keep one penny of your money that is not used to help create your wonderful travel experience.

Most tours also have an opportunity for an extension into nearby fascinating territory for a reasonable cost that does not involve another round-trip airfare from home.

If changing currency exchange rates make the ground tour at least 5% less expensive from the day you pay to the day the tour begins, you will receive a refund of the difference. If the ground tour costs go up after you pay, Sage Guide Tours will eat the difference.

Every tour participant will receive a detailed list of what is included in the price of a tour, so there will be no surprises. (See the tour costs link for each itinerary.) Most tour prices include ground transportation, many attractions, hearty breakfasts a few other light meals, and your knowledgeable guide and tour director.

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