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the American West!
(See offered tours below.)

Our tours in the American West can include simple day trips or multi-day journeys through Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, Wyoming, South Dakota, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington. We can even cross the borders into Mexico and Canada.

You can experience just what you want on a tour customized to meet your needs and desires.

  • Have unique fun in Las Vegas
  • Visit many national, state, and tribal parks
  • Learn about genuine American living
  • Witness Native American culture and history
  • Experience the cultural differences between the USA and Mexico

This touring with a multilingual tour guide who is at home here in the Southwest can fill up to 3 weeks, and the price could be less than $150 per person per day, depending on activities and services desired. That could cover custom tour planning, driver/guide services, transportation, entrance fees, snacks & drinks, and even lodging.

Tours are offered year-round, and much of the year in the American Southwest the skies are blue. The parks are peaceful and beautiful in the winter. Spring and Fall offer very comfortable temperatures, varying by elevation. In the height of summer, it can be hot and dry in the deserts and comfortable in higher elevations, and in late summer, refreshing afternoon rains can cool things down a bit. Of course, we travel and sleep in air conditioned spaces.

With your custom tour being led by someone who loves this region and cares about your enjoyment, you'll have wonderful experiences in very special places.

Our ultimate itinerary will be based on the desires and needs of the participants. You may only experience this region once in your life, so we will build unique features into your custom plan. The photos in the left column here show some of the places you might include in your tour.

  • Las Vegas
  • Hoover Dam and Lake Mead
  • Redrock Scenic Drive
  • Valley of Fire
  • Nelson mining town
  • Pioche mining town
  • Cathedral Gorge
  • Lehman Caves
  • Rhyolite ghost town
  • Death Valley (CA)


  • San Diego
  • Tijuana (Mexico)
  • Tecate (Mexico)
  • Joshua Tree National Park
  • Los Angeles and Hollywood
  • Pacific Coast Highway
  • Big Sur
  • Monterey
  • San Francisco area
  • Gold Country
  • Yosemite Valley and Glacier Point
  • Tioga Pass
  • Mono Lake tufa formations
  • Mammoth Lakes


  • The Oregon coast
  • Portland
  • The Columbia River Gorge
  • Mt. Hood (volcano)


  • Seattle and Puget Sound
  • The Cascade Mountains
  • The San Juan Islands
  • Victoria (Canada)
  • Vancouver (Canada)
  • The Grand Coulee
  • The Channeled Scablands


  • St. George and Snow Canyon
  • Zion National Park
  • Kolob Canyons
  • Red Cliffs Recreation Area
  • Cedar Breaks
  • Parowan Gap petroglyphs
  • Short Creek polygamist community
  • Coral Pink Sand Dunes
  • Lake Powell
  • Newspaper Rock petroglyphs
  • Arches National Park
  • Canyonlands National Park
  • Provo and Provo Canyon
  • Salt Lake City and its canyons
  • The Great Salt Lake


  • The Grand Tetons
  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Cody Western museum
  • Virginia City (Montana)
  • Craters of the Moon (Idaho)
  • Twin Falls (Idaho)


  • Mt. Rushmore
  • Crazy Horse Monument
  • The Black Hills
  • Towns of the Old West
  • Rapid City


  • The Grand Canyon
  • Sedona redrock
  • Antelope Slot Canyon
  • Horseshoe Bend
  • Marble Canyon
  • Monument Valley
  • Navajo and Hopi culture
  • Oatman ghost town
  • Phoenix
  • Southern deserts
  • Border towns (Mexico)
  • Puerto Peñasco beaches (Mexico)


  • Mesa Verde National Park (ancient cliff dwellings)
  • Four Corners
  • Mountain routes
  • Colorado National Monument (redrock scenic drive)
  • Rocky Mountain National Park


  • Albuquerque
  • Santa Fe
  • Taos Pueblo and other Indian pueblos
  • Chaco Canyon
  • White Sands
  • Carlsbad Caverns


  • Tijuana and Baja California
  • Tecate
  • San Luis Río Colorado
  • Puerto Peñasco and the beaches
  • Nogales
  • Cd. Juárez and El Paso, Texas
  • See also my tours in Mexico and Cuba.


  • O`ahu
  • Kaua`i
  • Moloka`i
  • Maui
  • The Big Island
  • Hiking close to nature
  • Lake Powell boat tours

  • Sandstone exploration
  • Mountain and forest enjoyment
  • Incredibly beautiful features of nature
  • Typical Southwestern and Mexican and cowboy-style meals
  • Unusual museums
  • American living right out of history
  • Unique religions and cultures
  • Concerts, local festivals, and rodeos (when scheduled)
  • Day-to-day life in small towns of the West
  • Unique nature areas

These tours are ready to go for groups of 1-6 guests, but they can also be modified or customized for your group's needs, even for larger groups. Up to 7 guests can be transported in a larger van, up to 14 guests can ride in 2-3 minivans with participants acting as drivers, and for larger groups, we can arrange mini-buses or full-size buses.

Color Country Large Circle Tour (7 days)
Las Vegas (or St. George) - Zion - Grand Canyon North Rim (mid-May to early November) - Marble Canyon - Horseshoe Bend - Lake Powell - Antelope Slot Canyon - Monument Valley - Newspaper Rock - Arches - Canyonlands - Goblin Valley - Capitol Reef - Bryce Canyon - Cedar Breaks - Parowan Gap - Snow Canyon - Valley of Fire - Las Vegas

Color Country Small Circle Tour (X days)
Available now. Description coming soon!

Grand Canyon Circle Tour (X days)
Available now. Description coming soon!

Grand Canyon and Color Country Extra-Large Circle Tour (X days)
Available now. Description coming soon!

Zion and Bryce Canyon (2 days)
From Las Vegas (or St. George) -- Your vehicle or mine
Available now. Description coming soon!

Death Valley Circle Tour (11 hours)
Las Vegas - Rhyolite - Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes - Furnace Creek - Badwater Basin - Artist's Palette - Zabriskie Point - Dante's View - Redrock Scenic Loop - Las Vegas

Mojave Desert Exploration (3 days)
Las Vegas - Hoover Dam - Nelson mining town - Laughlin resorts - Old West Oatman - Historic Route 66 - Kingman - Lake Havasu and London Bridge - Blythe Intaglios - (optional Kelso Dunes and Amboy on Historic Route 66) - Joshua Tree National Park - Box Canyon - Salton Sea - Borrego Springs - Anza-Borrego State Park - scenic mountains of San Diego County - La Jolla's Pacific coast - San Diego - (optional Tijuana or Tecate, Mexico) - (optional extension to the Los Angeles area or further up the Pacific Coast Highway) (or reverse)

Death Valley and Yosemite (3 days)
Las Vegas - Death Valley - Alabama Hills - Manzanares World War II detention camp - Mammoth Lakes - Mono Lake tufa formations - Tioga Pass - Yosemite Valley - Glacier Point - Central California Valley - San Francisco Bay Area (or reverse)

Arizona Exploration (3-4 days)
Las Vegas - Hoover Dam - Chloride mining town - Kingman - Historic Route 66 - Williams - Grand Canyon South Rim - Cameron Trading Post - Navajo Nation - (optional Lake Powell and Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelly) - Hopi mesas - Winslow - Painted Desert - Petrified Forest - (optional Meteor Crater) - Walnut Canyon cliff dwellings - Oak Creek Canyon - Sedona - Montezuma's Castle - Tonto National Forest - Tonto National Monument - Superstition Mountains - Mesa / Scottsdale / Phoenix (or reverse)

Indian Country Exploration (5 days)
Las Vegas - Zion - Grand Canyon North Rim (mid-May to early November) - Marble Canyon - Lake Powell - Navjo Nation - Hopi mesas - Canyon de Chelly - Four Corners - Mesa Verde cliff dwellings - Aztec National Monument - Zuñi Pueblo - Chaco Canyon ruins - Jemez Pueblo - Jemez Springs - Los Alamos National Laboratories - Bandelier National Monument - San Idelfonso Pueblo - Tesuque Pueblo - Taos Pueblo - Santa Fe - Cerro de la Cruz - San Felipe Pueblo - Isleta Pueblo - Petroglyph National Monument - Albuquerque (or reverse)

Any of these tours can be modified or customized to match your desires.

And ask about small-group tours in these great destinations:

  • Canadian Rockies (from Seattle or Calgary)

  • Mexico (colonial towns to ancient temples to breathtaking beaches)

  • Cuba (a unique and enjoyable cultural experience)

  • Hawai`i (Kaua`i, O`ahu, Moloka`i, Maui, and the Big Island)

  • Europe (many cultures and incredible variety)

I'm excited about the possibilities! It will really be enjoyable to share with you many very interesting places and to arrange very unique experiences for you.

---Your guide, Steve

Note: For the small-group tours with overnights, the size of the group is limited to about 6-7 participants in order to give everyone the best experience and to allow everyone to be comfortable in the vehicle. If your group is larger, we may consider using multiple minivans with some members of your group volunteering to drive. We want to keep the tour groups personal and friendly.
For larger groups, I can help arrange buses and drivers, and I can serve as a step-on tour guide and help organize the tour.

If you are truly interested in a tour in the coming months, it is highly recommended to
make your initial contact now, so we can discuss the possibilities and check available dates.


  • Arrangement of group discounts

  • Translation of histories and descriptions of attractions

  • Listing of interesting attractions and suggestions for great experiences in each locale,

  • Lodging research and arrangements and contact details

  • Tips on how to stay safe when visiting these destinations

  • Reservations and payments for vehicle rental, insurance, lodging, and activities

  • Research regarding routes, driving directions, and optimal parking for every destination

  • Plans for getting around major cities like London and Los Angeles and Mexico City

  • Scheduling that permit that most experiences while not feeling rushed

  • First aid kit

  • Knowledge of special places to enjoy nature and to have special photographic opportunities

  • Knowledge of how to prepare for an international trip and overcome the effects of jet lag.

  • Sharing of information about local culture and life

  • Specific itineraries to capture the most interesting variety of attractions and experiences, customized to meet the needs and desires of the particular travelers on each tour

  • Detailed directions for volunteer drivers for groups using multiple vehicles

  • Opportunities to meet the locals

  • Help for making decisions when there are choices between multiple good experiences

  • Detailed budget taking into account the number of participants, the number of days of travel, the costs of every little and big thing with all taxes and fees, the fluctuating currency exchange rates, etc.

  • Elimination of as many risks as possible and alternative plans where needed

  • Interpretation for people of various cultures

  • Research of upcoming events in tour destinations

  • Information about handling money issues in the destination

  • Knowledge of what can be experienced at all kinds of destinations

  • Opportunities to experience local food specialties and treats and help with special dietary needs

  • Snacks and drinks for the road

  • Location of the most gorgeous scenic views and planning of the ideal route

  • Information about opening hours, holidays, road construction, and other things that will affect how, where, and when we enjoy certain places

  • Explanation of local history and culture

  • Plan for the purchase of highway permits in the countries that require them.

  • Suggestions for the best airfare routes and rates

  • Consultation with tour participants about optional side-trips and alternatives to the pre-planned itinerary

  • Plenty of activities that don't cost money

  • Special activities, such as picnics with local foods, afternoon teas, and dessert evenings

  • Local guides in some places to enhance the experience of being in a special place and learning more about its significance

  • Reminders about what to bring

  • Familiarized with local transportation options

  • First-hand experience with ancient ruins and monuments, historical sites, and beautiful architecture

  • Contingency plans for illness, accidents, weather, road conditions, and other situations

  • Pre-programming of GPS for ideal routing

  • Plan for the exits to take from the highways to visit certain interesting spots and viewpoints

  • Scenic routing

  • Regular bathroom and photography and meal breaks

  • Walkie-talkies for trips with multiple vehicles

  • Insight into the various cultures of the American Southwest: Navajo, Hopi, Mexican, Mormon, cowboy, truck driver, etc.

  • Opportunities to experience amazing ancient cities in Mexico, preserved wooden neighborhoods and temples in Japan, modern Communist society in Cuba, gorgeous beaches in Thailand, beautiful and secluded corners of the highrise metropolis of Hong Kong, and a thousand mysteries and enigmas in India... all on the same trip.

  • Exact meeting directions at airports around the world

  • Knowledge of which neighborhoods are best avoided or only visited in the daytime

  • Optional extensions for the basic tour itineraries

  • little surprises that won't even be mentioned on our published itineraries

  • Understanding of the basics of the life histories of famous personalities like Charlemaigne, Hernán Cortés, Brigham Young, Lili`uokalani, or Martin Luther

  • Alternative ideas in mind for those tour participants who don't feel going with the group on certain activities

  • Help with choosing between numerous options

  • Family-style personalized traveling

  • Knowledge of where to rent bicycles, boats, etc.

  • Route maps and locality maps

  • Understanding of weather in the various regions we will visit at various times of the year

  • Knowledge of the times of day and the seasons when certain events take place

  • Information about local politics, religion, culture, and history

  • Adjustment of plans for physical limitations or other special needs

  • Avoidance of crowded areas as much as possible

  • No small print hiding important details in the information that is prepared for potential travelers

Feel free to e-mail us with your needs, wants, suggestions, and questions:



Note: Itineraries can be customized.

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Note: Itineraries can be customized.

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